Tuesday, June 3, 2008



I don't know about any of you but I am having the hardest time going to work in the morning and STAYING THERE. The weather is just so nice and Chris usually has a little extra time in the summer to spare I just don't want to go darn it!! Especially since we got seven peaks passes and are having so much fun running and splashing around the park. I just need to buck up and be a responsible adult........or not :) I guess we will see.

**My sister Elizabeth might be having her little girl today YAHOO!!

Oh and to answer some of your questions YES Chris does fit in a Smart car. He's not THAT tall or maybe I am just used to his height I don't know.


KaSs said...

i think you're just used to his height, because even Jerome is taken back every time he sees him still and they're brothers! :0) I know what you mean with staying at work! I have been just wishing that we could have summers off like kids and school, but it wont happen... Congrats to Elizabeth! hope everything goes well!

Ciera said...

Hey Ashley, your blog is really cute too! I don't know Chris (I've only met him a couple times) but my husband Brandt and Chris used to be really good friends before Chris went on his mission. I don't think they've talked since? But that's why Brandt added you guys to our blog :)

Dana Dastrup said...

Ash I seriously love you!! Can we please play??? Or do I only get to see you when Chris is out of town? I am glad that he fits in the smart car... I was a little worried!

Kayla R. said...

ha ha i am glad he fits in a smart car!! ok yeah love love this pool wheather except for today:(

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I got a Six Flags season pass a few days ago and it has a big waterpark in it!!! I am so excited!!! I love theme parks. I know you do too. I'm totally excited!!!