Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A TRIBUTE to the 3 cutest kiddies in the entire world.

Before I post about our awesome fourth of July and trip of a lifetime to Cancun I thought I would post about my nephew and nieces. AHHH I LOVE THEM This is Matthew just looking at these pictures make me scream and laugh with pure joy and excitement. He is the funniest most awesome kid I like to think I am his best friend :)

This is Avery if you want to have a good time she is your gal and while your at it she will help you loose a few pounds. I like to call her flash like the kid from The Incredibles cause she is the fastest 2 year old in existence.

And last but not least Quincey have you seen anything so precious? Let me answer that for you NOPE!! She looks just like her mom Elizabeth so we know she will be extraordinarily beautiful.

** There is one more precious cutie pie on the way it's going to be a girl due in august and we can't wait.


Jordan and Mandy said...

Post your Cancun pictures! I'm excited to see them! :) So JEALOUS!

KaSs said...

Welcome HOME!! We missed you on Sunday! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!

¡emily frame! said...

matthew is so stinking cute!

KaSs said...

Come on lady!! Lets see those cancun pictures!!

Collin said...

we love 'em too!!

Kit said...


YOu do have the cutest neices and nephew ever.... I have to agree! It is fun to share family with you and Chris!! You guys are great.

The signed basketball for Collin's birthday was a gem of a gift idea!!!