Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Artichoke & Corn Belly's Date Night

Chris and I love and cherish our date nights. Last week Chris did this awesome little game where I could choose from a bunch of different letters that represent the activity we would do that evening. I Chose "TP" which meant Thanksgiving point so we went to Corn Bellys. But before we left we had a little picnic on the floor with artichokes, streak, soup and of course Martinialies.

This is Christophers favorite chair he even started to rock in which I don't think has ever been done before. I am afraid in the near future when we have a place that can accomidate it we are going to have a chair just like this one.
This is one of Chris and I's favorite pose we almost have one for every season we have one for summer, winter and now fall. All we have to do is wait for spring and also figure out how to represent spring in out pose. 

One of the many things we did at cornbellys was find our way through the massive David Archuletta maze. hahahaha that was a blast!! We also shot corn out of a gun, journeyed through a nasty haunted lizard which was not fun, jumped on this HUGE half moon big jumpy thing, and roped some bulls, oh yeah and picked some pumpkins. I can't forget to mention Chris had some sliders (MINI hamburgers) which were not  very tasty or appealing but hey they were out of hot dogs.


KaSs MiLeS said...

Finally a chair that he truly fits in. :0)
We tried artichokes one night, that was a big mistake....

Sarah said...

So fun, we need to go up there. So cute that you have date night. You two are so cute. I am glad you are so happy!!!!

Kayla R. said...

HA HA love it! You two are so cute*

Fullmer Family said...

you guys are so cute it is disgusting!