Thursday, October 23, 2008

Conference 2008

Chris got to go to conference for the first time I am so glad his first time was our first time together. We packed a delicious lunch and made our way to the conference center.

It was so funny we sat in the middle of the isle we got there pretty early so there was no one else on our row. Well the cute old man ushers kept asking us to move to the end of the row they must have asked us at least 5 times but I refused everytime I liked where we were and we didn't mind standing to let others by.
I am still pretty upset with the fact Elder Scott was no where to be found on Sunday and he didn't speak in any of the sessions besides priesthood (which i can't attend) those lucky dudes. 
Isn't he so precious in his grey suit?


KaSs said...

You're lucky Chris poses for pictures, Jerome gets so put out if i ask him to smile.

Nicole Christensen said...

Yes. FABULOUS suit! And, that short hair of yours....class class CLASSY!