Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mission Reunion

here are two of my companions AH i had so much fun with these two the girl in the purple is Lisa Hunt and the other is Paige Kuhn
Here are most of the sisters from my mission. 
After the reunion some of our favorite friends Matt and Lindsey and us went minitutre golfing AHHH it was a blast We love them!!
Lots of the peeps from my mission were out of town and staying with Chris and I so of course we invited them to come along we even got sister hunt a date with Gavin one of Chris's team mates.
Trafalga ROCKS we had a blast Chris and I tore it up on the arcades and purchased with our tickets the most annoying wistles in the world but Chris and I loved them! We wistled all the way home in the rain on our scooter. Thanks honey for always being my best friend


mrawle said...
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Lindsay said...

Is he too heartbroken to be set up with someone? The person interested is actually my GORGEOUS little sister Julianne :)

Kayla R. said...

SO FUN!!!! Holy cow I havent seen Matt for years ha well you look so CUTE in those pics!!

Lindsay said...

no she has not met him, just thinks he is cute. She sees him on campus. she said she saw you at kickboxing tonight, how i miss that class!!!!