Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bike Bananza

here is a picture of my new hair do
AHHH I love bangs
The other day Chris and I were walking in our underground garage passed the bike rack when Chris says "honey, where is my bike?" to our surprise our lock which we thought would keep our bikes safe and sound was snipped and Chris's beautiful green Gary Fisher was no where to be found :( luckily my bike was still there. We can't seem to figure out why someone would just take his bike and not mine they were locked together. I guess my bike just wasn't good enough. NOT, my bike totally rocks. 

So yesterday Chris and I went to get him a new bike. His new bike is bigger and better than his last one he loves it so much and so do I. 

We can't wait for warmer weather so Chris and I can cruise on our bikes


KaSs MiLeS said...

that's awful!!! i'm so sorry, i hope it turns up, not that you need 3 bikes, but maybe you could sell it or something... sorry about the missing bike!

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

That's so sad. I'm so scared of being robbed. Yet when I put my sweater over my purse when I leave it in the car I think that's sufficient.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Sorry about the bike! That's really annoying. We got our camera stolen in Cancun and I was so sad! Looks like you have a good attitude about it. I'm glad you got a better one. Love the bangs.

david santos said...

Brilliant posting!!!
Have a nice day!

Fullmer Family said...

that sucks about chris's bike, but hey, at least your hair looks super cute:)