Friday, April 3, 2009


Chris is loving every minute of this pregnancy he loves to take care of me and lately I am taking him up on every offer. Also he is loving it because I crave a lot of food it's almost always only ONE kind of food and I have to have it nothing else :) also I can't eat the same thing twice once I eat if from that moment forward YUCK it makes me sick. Here are some of the things I have craved so far and could possibly NEVER eat it again :(

Mac and Cheese
Chimichanga from Los Harmonas
Sour Cream and Cheeder Chips (no Ruffles)
Cafe Rio Tortilla Soup
Lion House Rolls
Stuffed Egg Plant from Ottavios
Beto's Breakfast Burritos
Outback garden salad
Orange Chicken Panda Express
Big Juicy Burger from the Deli in Thanksgiving Point

Man the list goes on and on


KaSs MiLeS said...

my biggest cravings were fresh tomatoes and cafe rio tacos. except cafe rio gave me major contractions.
that's so nice that Chris is willing to help you, most of the time Jerome was a big butt about stuff like that. :0)

Kat Clark said...

Ok so this list is awesome! I love hearing people go through the same bizzare things that I did because then I feel a little less crazy. :) Please tell me that your husband actually drove you all the way to Thanksgiving Point for that burger! Even if he didn't he sounds so awesome to be excited to fill your cravings.

erin 'n phil said...

hahahaha. I have cravings and I'm not even preggers. :) You are going to have the cutest belly.

Tiffany and Clay said...

Oh my gosh Ash!!!! Congrats, I didn't know you were prego :) YAY I am so happy for you, you'll have to keep me updated when you find out what you're having. The cravings get better :) well mine did, i don't crave things anymore. But I craved Romen noodles like crazy. Ya wierd I haven't had those since I was about 13 but that is what I wanted. Enjoy the yummy eating though :)

Kayla R. said...

That's funny! I never ate red meat until I was prego with Lily:) I would crave jr bacon cheese burgers! ha*

Fullmer Family said...

oh the joys of pregnancy!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I haven't craved anything, but in the beginning popsicles eased my morning/all day sickness!