Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 Ribs

This whole last week Chris didn't have any basketball and I got laid off so for 24 hours every day for over 7 days I got to be with Chris we went everywhere together it was all I needed. The basketball schedule for the 09-10 season is out, school is in session, and the smell of boots are in the air. I love boots and can't wait to get my hands on a new pair or two. But what I am most excited about are jeans. I can't wait to wear jeans that does not have an elastic band around the belly :)

So my back has been KILLING ME and it's not the sort of pain that most pregnant women get it was unbarable. I carried a pillow everywhere I went and if I had to sit for longer than 5 or so minutes I knew the painful feeling in my back was going to be a 10+ on the pain scale. I finally got into the chiropractor and well...we found out what the problem was I had 4 ribs out of place 4 ribs can you believe it. All I have to say is having ribs out of place is no fun no fun at all.

So 50 days or so to go. I can't believe it!! Chris and I are getting so excited. We went and registered the other day at Babies R Us which was a blast. Little Mini Miles is already almost 17 inches and weighs almost 4 lbs I already can't see my feetsies which is hilarious. I am loving being prengnant and chris just can't get enough of my belly and all the fun filled moment within.

Life is good. My ribs are in place. And I have a gorgeous husband who loves me. Hope everyone has a great day.


Kayla R. said...

SOOOO FUN! its like a happy sad for me...SUMMER ending...HAPPY to wear cute long sleeve and jeans... SAD no pool!

elizabeth said...

50 more days... wow.

I am so happy that you and chris are having this time to spend together before the baby... savor it! I hope you're feeling okay and your cute little body is doing good. Amazing how you are creating a baby inside... love it. love how heavenly father made that possible... okay, now I am going off.. hahaha! sometimes once i start i can't stop.. heehee

love you so much!

KaSs MiLeS said...

so glad to hear the ribs are back. you looked miserable this weekend. i felt so bad for you. So excited to meet mini!! she is going to be such a doll!

Gabe & Melissa said...

Wow ash that's crazy! No wonder you were in so much pain!! That is so exciting that you only have 50 days to go. You are such a cute pregnant girl. Good luck with the next few weeks let me know if you need anything! Love you guys!!