Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goodbye scoot hello part city

We decided right before school started to take one last hurrah and take a trip to Park City and Salt Lake it was a blast
Chris wanted to go down the aspen slides they are has fun as I remember.

With the baby coming we want to try to spent as much time as possible together that one on one time that everyone tells me is rare once the baby comes however with the baby, basketball and school I wonder how rare it really will be.

My Love!!

Me without a job we were impressed to sell our scooter something we didn't necessarily want to do but we did. It sold incredibly fast to a couple who had just sold their car without any other form of transportation and were stuck on campus.Pretty funny story. Goodbye our dear friend scoot.


KaSs MiLeS said...

i've only been down the slides in wyoming, but they were really fun! you are a brave pregnant woman. I really wish jerome and i had done what you're doing, go and do lots of fun things before story came. you guys are smart!
Sad about the scooter. i'm sure that couple will really appreciate it!

Kayla R. said...

:( i am sad you had to get rid of it. CUTE PICS!!

The Wheelers said...

That's sad about your scooter!

Kat Clark said...

You guys are so smart to go everywhere and anywhere before the baby comes! It is just so much harder to even get to the grocery store once you have a munchkin. I love seeing all of your adventures and living vicariously through you.