Saturday, December 19, 2009


We volunteer every year for the Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation. We really look forward to it every year. This year I didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked because little Taimi wanted her mommy. But it's a blast to see those beautiful kids every year and it's the best feeling to make them smile and give them such a good time.

Taimi is getting so big!! She is so expressive she will have a conversation with you with her cooing and ooowing it's so much fun. She is starting to sleep 6-7 hours in the night which is so wonderful but she still has her 2-3 hour nights also.

She smiles and smiles and smiles especially in the morning-which makes it my favorite time of the day I will bring her into my bed and we will just lay there laughing and smiling to Christmas music until she gets sick of it cause I know I never will.

She can sit up now here she is in her Bumbo that my friends got her (thanks guys)

We of course got our Christmas Tree and my adorable lumber jack did all the work. Thanks hun

We also saw the best Christmas movie it BLEW my mind cause we saw it in 3D (Disney Christmas Carol) It was so much fun. Taimi was such a good little girl throughout the whole thing. YEAHHH TAIMI


Dana Dastrup said...

You look GORGEOUS of course!! And Taimi is getting so big already and I haven't even seen her yet... So that is going ot be a must ASAP!!

Kayla R. said...

HOW FUN!!YOU look amazing Ash!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS:)

Shug said...

you two rock! I love the pictures! and... I am a big fan of your blog header :) Nice seeing you both at Noodles the other day.

Matt Smith said...

Oh Taimi you are so cute
I want to hold you!

camille said...

Sorry I just made that post under matt
love camille xoxo