Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TOP 10

Every year Chris finishes a season my incredible family throws him a huge party. This year Collin (our bro-in-law) came up with THE TOP 10 REASONS IT'S GOOD TO BE CHRIS MILES and here they are,

10. If any of us ever fell onto hard times and became homeless, we could all comfortably live in on of his XXXXXL BYU jumpsuits.

9. Chris spent enough time jumping in the air during his games at BYU that his Delta miles will pay for our families entire trip to Disneyland.

8. When Ashley was 9 months pregnant and had trouble moving around, Chris could palm Ashley's belly like a basketball and carry her places.

7. If Chris ever had to change a dirty diaper out in public with no garbage can nearby to dispose it in, he could simply jump and dunk the diaper on the roof of any nearby 2-story building.

6. Chris could donate 2'' of his leg bones to each of his bro-in-laws and still be a solid power forward in the NBA

5. If planet earth was ever invaded by the blue people from "Avatar", Chris could simply paint his face blue and convince the Avatars that we were all his albino children.

4. Thanks to Chris playing basketball at BYU, non eof us will ever hear Cindy turn on the Jazz game and say "the quarterback just kicked a home run!" ( love you mom)

3. Ashley has experienced a new level of parenting efficiency as Chris learning how to bathe, feed, and change Taimi's diaper all in less than 40 seconds since he's used to having a shot clock.

2. If the cops ever showed up at a Dravland Family reunion looking for an escaped convict that fit the description, "white male, not fat, over 5 feet 10 inches tall." Chris will be the only on there that will need to worry.

1. If there was ever a natural disaster and our family ran out of food, we could all happily survive for at least 3 weeks eating the meat on his calves.

And thats it folks. Thanks Collin you are hilarious!


Kat Clark said...

That was actually really funny. The last one kinda grossed me out a bit but I think it's because I'm hungry and I don't want to think about eating calf meat. Haha! Random. Sorry.

Sarah said...

that was so funny!

Anonymous said...

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