Saturday, September 25, 2010

These days...

Here are a few things I have been into and enjoying these days.


I go every morning before Chris leaves for practice. There is something about running here in Kolin it's so easy to do. It makes running a lot easier when I thoughouly enjoy the scenery. Plus I am determined to get my pre mission/baby body back wow thats a lof of B's.

I have always loved baking but lately it's been a big hobby of mine. They have their own metrix system so it makes baking a guessing game turns out its a game I am very good at. (you can't buy a measuring cup or measuring spoons here). It's nice too cause the running and baking go good together lets just hope I can run more than I bake :)


I WANT ONE!! But am afraid Taimi would eat it up. Seriously though these things are so cute!! (well most of them anyway some are a little freaky deaky)
I LOVE HER youtube videos they are so informative and entertaining. I think she is the cuttest. I learn so many new tricks and techniques that I love to try out. Not to mention I have added a million new items to my wish list Sephora here I come. Watching her videos should come with a warning cause she is kind of addicting and makes me want to buy all new makeup and skin care items.
***When we were at church last Sunday our car got broken into they got away with Chris's wallet and our camera which is why I haven't posted pictues in a while. We had to get a police report which took 6 hours NO LIE we were at the police station for 3 of those hours the other 3 was at the scene of the crime not to mention the 3 that were spent in church (I guess that equals 9 hours huh) . They dusted for finger prints took a million pictures and scathed the area for any clues it was totally like CSI...I AM NOT KIDDING!! It was hilarious. Anyway I will post a picture of Taimi's new chompers and my cute hair cut THAT I LOVE tomorrow...till than GOODBYE!***

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Jonathan and Kiri said...

Hair cut??! I'm so excited! Gosh, it sounds like you are doing AMAZING! I bet running in such an incredible place is...well...incredible!

K, can people have those baby monkeys as pets? They are adorable! But definitely too baby-eating sized! haha

Sorry about getting your car broken into. That just seems too crazy - especially with the 9 hour day you ended up having. Goodness! It's too bad they took your camera, it would've been so fun to take pictures of the Kolin CSI doing their thing!

Miss you ash! Check your email, cause I emailed you about 5 seconds ago :)