Friday, October 15, 2010

Day SIX (psst 6 is my favorite #)

Twenty (20) of my favorite things
It would take me hours to narrow down 20 of my favorite all time things so I am making it more specific and naming 20 of my all time favorite things during the fall and winter season.

1. Sorel winter boots (and boots in general)
2. Warm soup especially my homemade Zuppa Tascana
4. The brisk air when Taimi and I go for our daily walks
5. The smell of candles burning in pumpkins around Halloween
6. Layering my clothes...I love layering. One might say I layer a little too much all at return I would reply nonsense thats impossible. leggings, knee socks, sweaters, beenies, gloves, scarfs, boots, tights, Coats, cardigans...mmm I love it all!
7. Christmas shopping for the ones I love
8. Make-up especially LIPSTICK I am really into lipstick right now...not the gloss the stick :)
9. READING snuggled in blanket for hours while Taimi sleeps...sure there is a million things I need to do and the house needs sweeping but I love to read!
10. Hearing Taimi babble in her crib when she wakes up from her nap and going to get her
11. Baking--baking with pumpkin...yummy
12. Watching the leaves change and soon the snow falling in Europe!
13. Sledding/skiing
14. Fire places. I think fire places and under rated!!
15. The romance winter and the holiday season brings
16. How strong the spirit testifies of Christ around this season and how many millions upon million of people feel it. aka the Christmas Spirit
17. Christmas decor especially the vlumptuous tree.
18. Costco
19. When Chris kisses me on the forehead, lips, nose, hand...ok we can sum it up to when I get kisses from Chris.
20. Watching Chris play basketball! And now being able to say "go Daddy" which then triggers the responce of Taimi clapping her little hands together as fast as she can.
There you have it folks 20 of my favorite things during the fall/winter season with splashes of my favorite things PERIOD.
Love you all hope you have a great weekend!


KaSs MiLeS said...

now i'm excited for christmas and its TOO far away!!

Mallory said...

you have a recipie for Zuppa Tascana soup!? please please can i have it!!!!???

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

Mallory heck ya you can have it send me your email and I will send it over. You will love it and its super easy to make!