Saturday, October 2, 2010

Favorite TV Shows

Day 3: Top 5 favorite TV shows

First of all we miss American TV very very much. Second Chris is in on this one with me so these are OUR top 5 TV shows.

1. PSYCH baby! If we could hang out with any two people in the world it would be Sean Spencer and Burton Guster "Gus" they are hilarious.

2. Modern Family. What a freakin great show!

3. Seinfeld. Gotta love Seinfeld if we were limited to the amount of DVD's we could have brought with us we would have brought our Seinfeld episodes no doubt!

4. MONK. I am not ashamed to admit I cried during the last episode I am a little ashamed to admit I cried HARD!! We have a special place in our hearts for Mr. Adriane Monk

And our number 5 spot goes to....
5. Law and Order SVU. Even though it gives me nightmares Chris and I get really into that series.

Runners up...
V---Chris LOVES this show.
One Tree Hill---Ashley gets pretty into this one
The Office---what other show makes you laugh out loud and want to rewind
Gilmore Girls---Chris will deny it till he dies but he will watch this show with me and he likes it. :)


Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Those are some good shows. Glimore Girls is on my top favorite list too! I love it.

Angie said...

I have never met anyone who loved One Tree Hill like me! Definitely not as good anymore, but I can't stop watching:)

camille said...

Agree sis with all but SVU and V ahh nightmare central!!

I miss Monk!!

You just need to add Parenthood to that list:)

Alexis and Justin said...

Justin and I have all seasons of Gilmore Girls and we BOTH love it! He isn't ashamed to admit it. Good choice of shows. I love watching Shawn on Psych but if he was my friend in real life I think I'd want to kill him!