Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just ASK

Has I mentioned before I like to bake and cook. But I LOVE BAKING especially during the Holiday season. It is my absolute favorite. I was kind of sad I had to give all my canned pumpkin and spices away before we moved and I knew chances were very slim that I would be able to access some of that delicious pumpkin puree our here in Kolin. I search and searched I couldn't even find cloves or ground nutmeg or even chocolate chips : (
I was sad and decided to pray.
Not to long after maybe a day or two I got an email from a member in the branch presidency at the church I go to. He is in the military and goes to the base in Germany to go grocery shopping at an AMERICAN grocery store every few months. I about died!!! He wanted to know if I wanted him to pick anything up for me and my family...UMMMM YES PLEASE!!!!!!
So he did I got tons of spices, chocolate chips, evaporated milk, brown sugar, CEREAL, cream of chicken soup, pepper jack cheese, airborne, some medicines, buttpaste, and of course my CANNED PUMPKIN to name just a few.
What a great blessing it was for me. I was so happy and I realized as I have a million times before. If the desires of my heart is good and the thing I want is a righteous desire than all I have to do is ask and believe I will recieve it!!
I had been planning on baking these declicious plates of different holiday treats and getting those wonderful plamplets in the czech language about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon and passing them out to our neighbors on our block and on Chris's team. The Lord knew this and made it possible!! ALL I HAD TO DO WAS ASK!


Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh how AWESOME! This is seriously so beautiful. I am so grateful that you expressed the faith and your prayers were answered. There are so many things I probably consider too simple to pray for but you're right, if the desire is righteous and you have faith - God will make it happen. I love your faith and I love your testimony! I'm excited that you're going to be sharing your amazing baking gift along with your testimony. Beautiful! Love you Ash!

kiki comin said...

i know you don't know me..i found your blog while jumping from blog to blog one day. WHAT AN ADVENTURE you are having! i couldn't imagine living without those baking staples during the holiday..but you are SO right about prayer. He does hear and answer us..and i am happy for you that your holidays will feel more like home now.:) and i hope you don't mind me reading in on your experiences.:)

Ninotschka said...

isn't it funny how people think that only big things can make them happy but the truth is that small things like pumpkin puree or just cereal that makes the world go around :)