Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Power Plates!

I had never worked out on a power plate until TODAY!
I heard about them before because Chris would stretch on one at BYU.
But here at the local gym they have power plate classes.
I thought I would give it a whirl so I signed up for one.
I am always a little nerves going to a new class not knowing the technique or routine the first time I attend I always feel like a compete moron while I make a fool out of myself trying to get into the rythm. But going to a class for the first time here I get ULTRA nervous because if they dont speak English than it's a whole new kind of moronic feeling :)
I went to my class thinking I would just get a plate near the rear of the room and go at my own my surprise I was the ONLY ONE that showed up for the class.
LOL so it was just me and the instructor Tomas.
I had to talk myself into staying. I would have left but Tomas already knew I had arrived.
He spoke little english but enough. Normally instructors work out with you but he just showed me once than come and stood by me and watched...all the while blowing in my face to remind me to keep breathing :)...wonderful.
It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life I had 4 sets of everything at 90 seconds each...are you kidding me?!?
Dips, squats, bicep curls, a lot of stomach workouts...and more squats. Not to metion this guy would a tough cookie and definitely wasn't going easy on me.
I didn't think I would make it to the car my legs were all wobbly. I wouldn't even lift my arms to put my coat on. I suppose it's safe to say that the power plate workout is extremly effective. The level of difficulty was very extreme.
Lets just say I will be doing it again but this time with a few more participants.
Dekuji Tomas je to dobre!


Lindsay said...

ashley!!! Love the power plate!!!!! I used to workout on one at a house I nannyed at. They are amazing machines! Sounds like your workout was a kicker! So fun! I miss the power plate :)

Jonathan and Kiri said...

hahaha I just pictured you trying to walk to the car knowing your legs would probably stop working at any moment. What an awkward feeling!

I'm so proud of you for staying - there's no way I would've. I laughed out loud picturing him blowing in your face to keep you breathing. That's perfect!

At least you found a kickin' workout right? Go Thomas! miss you! love you!

Kat Clark said...

This sounds like such a cool workout. I'm totally curious now and I think I'll check it out. I have taught a class with only one person before and it is awkward for the instructor too. I hate it when that happens but at least he was totally dedicated to you right? That's neat!

Joe and Rindi said...

THis post had me laughing so hard!!! It makes me laugh to find out all the things that are so different in Europe! Kiri's always telling me something or other that is culturally different and it really is shocking! (no Ceasar dressing in Italy??? It's like finding out there's no Santa!) anyway and the fact that the instructor just stood by you and breathed in your face is HILARIOUS!!! I would have punked out I think. Anyway, I wanted to let you know just how grateful I am for what an amazing friend you are to Kiri. I seriously will love you forever for the strength you've been to her! Our whole life we've watched out for eachother and now she's going through something that I can hardly relate to and even though I try to be there for her, it means SO much more that she can talk to someone who knows EXACTLY what she's going through. You've basically been an anwser to my prayers as you've been there to skype with Kiri and let her know she's not alone in her situation. Anyway, thanks again. You guys are just adorable and your pics are always either gorgeous or hilarious! I hope you guys are doing great! And if things are anything for you like they are for Kir than it's good to be reminded that there's people everywhere praying for you and thinking about you. . . even obscure, random Hawkins' from the United States! So don't feel lost in some European town with a bunch of crazy Europeans. You've definitely still got a home in the U.S.! Oh and Taimi is too cute for her own good. . . Lock her up before she gets old enough to know how darling she is!

Dana Dastrup said...

Oh how I wish I was there to slap your thighs just like you always did to me in our weight training class in HS!! Oh how I would love that!