Monday, February 28, 2011

Stay still

So far in the last 3 Months we have been to the Czech Republic then drove to Germany back to the Czech Republic flew the long 28 hours to Utah.
(sigh followed by deep breath)
Then we flew to Germany drove to Paris, Luxemburg and back to Germany.
Flew the long 18 hours to Utah for a second time and immediately after drove to San Diego.
Drove back to Utah and flew home to Germany.
(another deep breath)
We just found out some of our dearest friends are coming to visit us for 10 days YAHOOO!!!!
We seriously are counting down the days.
They are coming over a weekend that Chris doesn't have a game so we have BIG big BIg plans.
So change the months to 4 and we can add Italy France and maybe Switzerland.
Change it to 5 months and you can slap on another flight to Utah and another rode trip to California but this time to San Fran.
Needless to say I am I am exhausted and can't wait for the summer
when I can stay in one place and COUNTRY for longer than a few weeks :)

Chris Taimi and I want to go on a cruise. Neither of us have ever been.
Does anyone out there have any tips or advise? Should we go if so where?


Chels said...

Hey Ashley! I love reading about all of your fantastic travels! I would definitely recommend a cruise as long as you guys don’t get sick. We have used Royal Carribean twice and have always had a blast. They are more affordable but have great packages. Also, cruises are easy with kids cause you can be as active as you want to be or you can just hang out in your hotel room. Either way it’s a blast!

Mitzi said...

Honestly, I'd say take some You and Chris time and leave Taimi with your parents. I just think you'd have a better time.

Take it from me, married couples never really take the amount of time they need to reconnect.

chadandsydney said...

DISNEY cruise!!!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

SOOO fun! I'm so excited for you guys! Except I might go crazy doing that flight so much. At least it comes with the blessing of amazing adventures!

We need to talk on Skype about when you're in Italy. Look for me tonight!

Kat Clark said...

You guys are CRAZY! But I love it. As for the cruise, you guys are totally nuts for Disney so yes, a Disney cruise would be great for you. That being said, the only cruise I've ever been on was an amazing Disney cruise so I might be kinda biased. :b

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I can't believe everything you have done! Our family is going on the Disney Cruise for the 3rd time this April. They are so fun for adults and children. I have been on other cruises too and this is the best. The Caribbean is better than Mexican. Let me know what you decide, but first TAKE A REST!