Thursday, March 24, 2011


Since we have moved to Hanau we have met the most incredible people and made life long friends. One of my friends Jen and I have been training for a "mini" marathon through the streets of Germany. It's going to be a breeze because running where it's so beautiful makes it a little easier.

Wish us luck we only have 2 weeks to train. Any advice from you marathon veterans is appreciated.

Also we have friends coming to visit us in T-minus 5 days and we couldn't be more excited.
Chris has that weekend off.
After a few days showing them a few gorgeous towns near Hanau
We are planning to take a drive down the "romantic road"
The romantic road is a little highway in Germany that connects a string of old quaint medieval towns dating back at least 1000 years with spurts of the most gorgeous rural terrain. Some called it the most beautiful driving tour in all of Europe. The highway goes through a dozen little towns and ends here...
The GREAT castle of Ludwig the 2. It was built by a theatrical person rather than an architect...can't you tell. If this castle looks a little bit like Aurora's it should. Her castle was patterned after this one.
It's amazing how much German culture Disney has.
I am in the right place.
Than we are going to head to Munich and over to Salzburg Austria. Salzburg is where most of Sound Of Music was filmed WHICH I LOVE. I can't wait.
After a day or two there we are going to pop over to Prague!! Yes thats right. Prague we are returning! I can't wait till we meet again.

Chantelle and Zach get here!! We cant wait to show you around.


chadandsydney said...

I am so jealous..... I am dying to see that castle. You are going to have to tell me all about it!!!

Anonymous said...

Due to our conversation at church the other day, I decided to give running a try. I was right. I wouldn't be able to handle a mini-marathon or even anything close to that. I have decided to start running a little bit on a regular basis, though.

Have fun seeing all those beautiful places.

Allison J Brown said...

So amazing! I want to be in Germany so badly! To see these same sites that you are so lucky to be able to see.. but also to you guys and my sister. (My sister lives in Munich right now!)

jen* said...

a few things i wanted to say....1.
it was sooooo touching and made me almost cry what u said last time at your house....made life long friends!!!! :) looking forward!!!!!!
2. i sooooo love SOUND OF MUSIC ;)
3. how i wished we could join u on that trip. sad that i´m in mainz :(....4.soooooooooooooo excited for the marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love ya!