Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pin Pong/Table Tennis

We were in attendance at one of the local Ping Pong matches or is it table tennis? Is there even a difference? Anyway it was everything I expected a table tennis match to be
except for it's extremely quiet while they are in action.
Although my only real exposure to ping pong is "around the world" so that's not saying much.
The lack of noise was a little bit nerve racking with this little nugget in the stands.
She loved it. She loved that ever little peep she would make I would hush her and put my finger up to my lips. She loved that her loud yelps brought all eyes upon her. She loved that she had every ones attention. Luckily after a big play everyone would clap with these wooden paddles to drown her out.
On the opposing side there was a world ranked little Asian kid #35 to be exact! We missed his skills but we heard he was incredible.
I don't understand this game but I love their uniforms and the way they serve the ball.
Around these parts they start training you super early to be a ping pong oh sorry table tennis champion. BOOO YAH.

Someones birthday is in 2 days and another smaller someone in 4!!

Taimi and I are heading to Chris's game in Langen Fredo is going to drive us. We are excited to see Chris in a black jersey tearin it up.

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