Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A day Out

I don't get out alone, meaning without Taimi and Chris. I usually have one or the other right by my side AT ALL TIMES!!! Even when I try to sneak away for some alone time some one in a matter of minutes finds me. I love it! I love that we are so close! I love that we spend so much time together. Perhaps it won't always be this way so I try to enjoy it while I have it.
Today however I drove to Frankfurt ALONE! With no GPS I am pretty proud of myself.
I met up with two amazing women they are both in their 40's but we all get a long SO WELL.
Yolanda mother of 2 from The Dominican Republic and Pamela Mother of 1 from Chile.
Both of them have amazing stories about their lives. I love hanging with them and laughing with them.
They are hilarious!
We met in Frankfurt than hopped on a train to NordWestCentrum. A sweet mall to shop at Primark.
Primark blows H&M out of the water.
It's headquarters is in Dublin Ireland so I am assuming that is where it originated but I am not sure.
They are similar to H&M but cuter stuff AND half the price.
For example today I bought 5 shirts AND a skirt for 14 Euro.
I was so happy for the bargains I found and the company I was with but mostly I was happy to what I came home to.
My loving husband and my daughter's beautiful smile and opened arms.

Chris hurt his back bad in practice so after going to the chiropractor and still in incredible pain he got a cotizone shot (ouch) he said this time it felt like "someone dropped a hammer" on his hip.
I am not sure what that means all I know is it sounds painful...poor guy.
Today however he went to practice so he must be feeling much better.

We are almost all packed. There are only 4 more paper chains hanging from our wall which means in an hour when I go to bed there will only be 3 chains left...3 days till we come home!!

All i want is a white Christmas PLEASE SNOW!!!

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