Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning and New Years Eve

This year was so much fun. Taimi was so excited for Christmas morning, present opening and to see what Santa brought.
I love Christmas morning I am usually up at the break of dawn waking up everyone! This year I let Taimi and Chris sleep in a few extra hours so that they wouldn't be tired throughout the day.
The funnest thing for Santa (C&A) was putting together the Minnie Mouse kitchen together while watching 4 Christmases and drinking spices apple cider. It was so much fun I will never forget it and look forward to doing it MANY Christmases to come.
It didn't take much to wake Taimi up in the morning she was pretty bright eyed and ready to make her way to the living room.
Taimi made a few best friends this trip one of them being Uncle Jonathan. She loves this kido. Every morning she would wake up and ask where Jonatan is.
One night Chris was putting Taimi to bed when out of no where
Taimi looked up at Chris and said
"Daddy, I not tired. Can I play with Jonatan?" so cute.
Taimi was so happy it was such a great morning.
She took a little nap while playing with her presents and eating her candy.

We went to my sisters ward to hear our brother Collin sing in their magnificent choir.
I cried like a baby to Away in A Manger.
The rest of Christmas was semi peaceful except the
Emergency Room trip.
I popped a blood vessel in my shin hurt like the dickens and swelled up the size of a softball.
I thought for sure I had broken my leg.
My Mom Chris and Taimi rushed me to the ER. After x-rays, an ace bandage, and drying my eyes we made our way to Christmas dinner at my Sisters house. We had a white elephant exchange game and played a very long game of Apples to Apples
we nearly ran out of red cards if that's possible.
It was a fantastic Christmas one I will never forget. My favorite part believe it or not was sitting in the ER with Chris right by my side comforting me, crying with me, wishing he could take the hurt away. It was my first time to the ER I am so glad I have someone like Chris in my life.
For New Years we went to one of my best friend Lindy's cabin. It was just what I needed time with friends. I miss my friends so much while I am away. (I wish I got a pic of Lindy Michelle Melanie and I)

Chris would get so into it. Every time he would come back and sit by me he would say "that was fun I want to do it again." This coming from someone who I had to throw ultimatums at in order to have him dance at our wedding.
These were the girls at the cabin. These ladies are amazing.
We stayed at the cabin until about 2am which was nutso cause we flew out that morning at 10am. We didn't get much sleep but it was totally worth it to hang out with these guys.
The plane ride home was incredibly enjoyable.
Taimi slept the entire first flight to San Fran and 5-6 hours on the next flight to Frankfurt. She didn't cry complain or whine once. She is so perfect.
Adjusting is another story.
In the last 3 days I have only seen the sun once!!
We have slept from 10am-7pm, 5am-5pm and than 7ish am-2pm so today I saw the sun for a good 2 hours BOOYEAH!! I hate these crazy schedules. But I am staying positive cause today Taimi went to bed at like 7pm YESSS!!!

Chris and I are eating yummy Chicken salads and root beer floats while watching You've Got Mail!
Althought we miss our families SO MUCH it's nice to get back to our simple quiet life over seas.

I have only posted 2 days out of our 14 days vacation. We did something every day including our anniversary skiing extravaganza!


Chelsea said...

What a fun trip! I love your outfit too! I hope that you guys enjoy life in Europe! (Oh so romantic!)

Daryl and McCall said...

Fun Christmas! You look gorgeous (as always).. I wish we could have seen you guys while you were here but it sounds like you were crazy busy and had an amazing time!

Lindy said...

I'm so glad we got to see you! I miss you Ash and loved hanging out! I really hope we get to play this summer!!! I love you so much!!!!