Monday, January 28, 2013

Saying Farewell

We landed in the SLC International airport on Monday Dec 10.

Christmas was amazing Chris got two jobs he LOVES!
And we moved into the cutest house ever!

Our little baby girl has some serious complications. She's got resistance in her umbilical cord. And the placenta just cant keep up with the demand. 
I was admitted in the hospital for 24 hour surveillance on the baby for 6 days straight. 
It was easily the hardest time of my life. 

It was the first time I had been alone AND away from Taimi in 3.5 years (since Taimi was born) 
We are hoping she makes it to 37 weeks and PRAYING our hearts out that she makes it period!

Since the Doctors in France obviously only speak French we decided it was best to come home to take care of what needed to be taken care of.

Our last day/night in France we spent in Paris. In my opinion NO ONE does Christmas like Germany but Paris looked great and put up a good Yule tide fight.

Across the street and over a bridge there is this miraculous carousel that we love to ride on. 
So we hit it up for Taimi one last time. 
Taimi makes a friend no matter where she goes.
 I think that is what happens when you move around so much.

We visited the Christmas market and other various landmarks and sites. 
All I wanted to do was enjoy it so we didn't take a ton of pictures. 

Once we got back to our hotel we took our sleeping Taimi to our room and ate downstairs in the hotel restaurant which was probably my favorite part of the whole night.


Christopher's last game was amazing! Saint Brieuc Basketball  had the biggest and best turn EVER!
The fans were obsessed with him and loved him so much. It was hard to say goodbye.
They had made WE love you CHRIS and Thank you Chris signs. Which made me cry.
At the beginning the mascot came running out waving an American Flag which made me cry. 
When they called Chris's name one last time and everyone stood and cheered I cried. 
And when the game ended and they highlighted Chris and celebrated him I balled!!
I cried during this picture.
We were giving SO MANY gifts...well actually Chris and Taimi were given so many gifts. 
Pictures, toys, French keepsakes and many other things.  
Chris really became very good friends with his teammates. They gave him a going away present. 
Every one was so sad to see him go. 
Chris gave everyone on the staff and team a personalized message in French
 in their very own Book of Mormon most of them cried from the gesture and gift. 


We lived in Saint Brieuc 

We moved to a port town called Binic about 15 minute away. 

We had a great big apartment directly on the beach with a giant balcony in the front and the back.
Our apartment is the building on the left our apartment was the one on the top far left.
It was marvelous.

This is our little town it was small and perfect.

The next 3 photos is the view we had from the back of our apartment it's what I would see while we cooked and do the dishes.

The next few pictures is the view we had from the balcony in the front.

I called Binic the city of Rainbows. There was one almost every day.
Our view in the morning and at a night.

The rest of the pictures is the city at a closer view. 
Our last morning in Binic I decided to go walk the cobble stone alone and take it all in one last time. 
I will miss Binic the most!

Our little bridge to cross into the town.

From left to right the local ice cream shop, souvenirs shop, and the local flower shop.

Creperie! The French love their Crepes.

We are enjoying life. We have probably spent 300+ hours in the hospital when we are not in the hospital we are trying to spend as much time as we can together doing fun things. 
Life is good and God is merciful.


Chelsea said...

Wow, that is so touching that you guys made such an impact over there! Good luck with everything health wise too! I know that good things will happen for you guys!!

jilian dee said...

OMG so jealous!

Ramon and Sue said...

Chris, I doubt you remember me but I was Ryan and Joey's teacher at Oakridge. I heard about your baby and want you to know our prayers are with you and your sweet family at this time. We are on a mission in LA right now and will always put Zuzu's name in the temple. Give your Mom my love too.
Sister Sue Sanft
Oh, I know Camille and Matt too!