Friday, August 2, 2013

Ready or not? We are so ready!

Zuzu, Taimi, Chris and I are boarding a flight to Boston Saturday. Zuzu must report to Boston Childrens Hospital Monday morning at 7am for blood work, tests, a meeting with one of the best cardiac surgeons in the WORLD (wowzers) and a tour of the hospital. 

(My sister Allison drew this with Boston's skyline. I love it!)

Then Tuesday I will hand Zuzu over to the Dr. Again. So they can open her up and attempt to fix her heart, again. She'll need to go through the daunting recovery, again. With all the IV's, tubes, nurses, pain medicine and risks. 

I'm so nervous I have lumps in my throat and butterflies flying around in my stomach. However the only difference between this surgery and the last one a month ago is how many of you incredible people are praying for her, thinking about her, sending her messages and helping her get to Boston.

Some incredible women who are big fans of Zuzu have donated their goods, talents and time for her and her cause. Check out the heart Zuzu fundraiser. There is the cutest stuff.

If you would like to make a donation there is a PayPal open in Zuzu's name at under

On behalf o Zuzu and my little family with all the energy of my soul- THANK You for your kindness, donations and helping spread the word. 
God bless you. 


Jody said...

Your family is being prayed for in Michigan. I hope that Zuzu gets a miracle and that there is a full recovery and bright horizon awaiting her on the other side of this life challenge. I sadly, marked the 12th anniversary of my 4-yr old daughter's death earlier this week. We were able to donate her heart valves as a result of her sudden death. I am especially touched by Zuzu's needs, but am praying that God has big plans to use even these painful, scary times in her life to soften hearts around her, change perspectives to the truly important things in life, and grow a deeper fairh and trust in Him for all who hold fast to Him. He is good and merciful all the time! Even when our minds can't wrap around the way He allows life to plat out at times. I know He has used babies and little ones to shine His glory all around before. I pray that is what He is up to in baby Zuzu even now. She is a precious gift, and I know it's hard to believe, but God loves her infinitely more than you as her mom, or anyone else ever can. So despite the fact your eyes blur with tears and fear grips you as you release her to the doctors, you can rest assured that she is in the best Hands of ALL. I send my love and will truly be caring and praying miles away. May love and peace and hope fill you all. May God's faithful character be the source of your strength as you face this unknown future. He is a God of healing and miracles...what a blessed hope you can have. Still so, so hard to grip, but I will pray as you hold on to His promises. Even now. xoxo

Ann Marie said...

Sending prayers for a safe trip and great results in Boston -- keep us posted!

Dusty McRae said...

Blessings, prayers and big hugs as you make your journey to Boston and go thru the next few days and weeks to come.

michelle louise said...

Thinking and praying for Zuzu and you all. Even though I don't know you personally you are loved from Eastbourne in UK. Lots of love, Michelle xx

Aubrey Burke said...

Hi there! I've been on and off following your blog since you started it, and just caught up with your story today. So sorry to hear about the challenges your family has faced lately :( I live in Boston and if there's anything I can do while you're here please don't hesitate to let me know. - Aubrey

Krista said...

I hope everything is going well and Zuzu is recovering with a good prognosis. You'll be in my prayers.