Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Glance Into December

There was a play performed in SLC called A Snow White Christmas. You see Snow White and Christmas are some of Taimi's favorite things so naturally we couldn't resist. And she loved it. We were front and center. It was an interactive play needless to say yours truly was the bunt of the jokes the whole night. Chris and Taimi got a kick out of it so I didn't mind.

Our anniversary is December 22 and this year we celebrated 6 years. The first year was pure bliss not without a lot of compromise. The next 3 were a totally carefree adventure traveling the world together. The next 2 were terribly wonderful and beyond difficult. I'm curious what the next 6 will bring.
For the last 3 years we've gone skiing but this year we took a night to ourselves too. We skied and then relaxed and did the whole spa thing in midway.
Chris had a terrible fever that night. Just my luck :( but he was a trooper. He was well enough to ski the next day. And honestly we had the time of our lives laughing the day away. Gosh it was such a fun weekend. My first night away from both girls in 4 years and I loved it!!!
The next day December 23 we tried to slow down and help Taimi feel and see what Chrismas is and why we celebrate. So we took her to the Salt Lake Temple Square. It was beautiful and memerable. 

Christmas was too busy for my liking. I'm going to do a lot of changes next year to remove some of the noise and chaos so we can feel and listen more to the spirit of the season. There were moments I will cherish like singing carols with my family and listening to my brother Josh play and sing. Or watching my brother open my gift from our sibling present exchange. Staying up with Chris till 4 am helping Santa set up Taimi's 4 story doll house and all her furniture while watching movies and stuffing our faces with seasonal goodies. The excitement on Taimi's face when she noticed Santa ate her cookies. And the reindeer ate their food we sprinkled on the grown outside. Her disbelief when she saw her dollhouse while rubbing the sleep from her eyes.  It was good and fun But next year we will be doing a lot of things different. 

For New Years Chris arranged for my family to stay in this incredible condo 
Overlooking the capital for New Years. The kids had the time of their lives. once the kids went to bed the parents came out to play it was a fun fun fun night. We screamed the countdown all together on the balcony with the rest of down town salt lake. 
Here's to 2014 and the hopeful uncertainty and endless opportunity it brings! 

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