Thursday, April 10, 2008

Christophers Basketball Banquet

Tuesday Chris and I got to go to the Y Awards for all the BYU athletes and last night we had a Basketball Banquet to attend. I hope thats all for this year good grief. It was a lot of fun Chris and I love to get dressed up to eat good food and watch people talk :)

This is Chris brother Jerome and His wife Kassie I am sure those from Timpview recognize them
Hey Camille recognize that shirt hahaha merry Christmas :)
Me and some of the other wifes of players thats Lacie Plaisted and Whitney Burgess.
BYU has the most basketball players who are married it was featured on ESPN.

I had to get up at the banquet because i am a wife and Chris gave me flowers. Man he's the best.


KaSs said...

i tried to take a picture of him giving you flowers, but there were too many heads in the way... sorry. :0)

The Howards said...
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{lindy baker cakes} said...

Such cute pictures Ash. You are beautiful.

camille said...

Ashley wow best buds haaha

Cindy said...

Ashley I love your photos you both look and are amazing together.