Friday, April 11, 2008

Finals Week

Everyone knows it's finals week. I am not in school but boy of boy have i been feeling like I am. Chris and I have spend the last 5 nights at the Harold B. Lee library of course i am willing to go spend hours upon hours with my honey when he asks.

homework of course

:) And this is me :)
I bring snacks, movies, and my portable DVD player i am good for hours
I think I watched nearly three movies in one night

Can you guess this movie it's one of the newest movies on my favorites list.

**Does anyone have any movie recommendations I would love to hear some**
The movie is ENCHANTED I love that movie


KaSs said...

I guessed it was beauty and the beast. I thought that was Gaston's little fat friend. I'll think of a bunch of movies for ya!

camille said...

Poor Chris finals are never fun.
Do you stay at the library till the music starts playing and they kick you out?

Fullmer Family said...

Finals are no fun! I don't know any good movies to see, but do get a comedy:) The yellow hat is from urban outfitters, and i love iT!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

You're such a good wife and such a trooper.