Saturday, May 24, 2008

2008 SuMmEr FuN LiSt

The other day during our FHE Chris and I decided that since this is the first summer of our marriage and our first summer together in 2 years to make a summer fun list here were some of our ideas. Please feel free to share some ideas of your own.
1. Go to the Salt Lake Temple
2. Attend a concert (John Mayer)
3. Go to the Rodeo strawberry days HERE WE COME YEEHAW
4. Hike to the Y
5. Go to Boondocks (we both LOVE boondocks)
6. Go to the Zoo
7. Begin our food storage by going to the cannery
8. Ride bikes to the top of the point of the mountain
9. Go to the Drive-In
10. Rode trip to Moab to ride our bikes of course
11. Go to the Manti temple and stay in a Bed and Breakfast
12. Go to Seven Peaks ( a lot and go down every slide)
AHHH I have never gone down any of those slides on the top two towers believe it or not :)
13. Ride lots of mountain trails together
14. Watch the sunrise and sunset together at different times of course
15. Go to the State Fair
17. Swim with Dolphins
18. Ride our bikes in the 4th of July parade
19. Go camping together
20. Go to the Stadium of Fire

Looks like summer 2008 will be one to remember. Chris I love you!!


Kat Clark said...

You guys are so stinkin' cute! I love how in love you are! I wish I were a newly wed again!!!! I hope that you do everything on your list. And I want to see pictures of every event. Have so much fun! :)

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! You should let us know when you check each one off the list and document it!!! Love you.

Fullmer Family said...

First of all, i have been craving cafe rio and cannot get myself to go because of your horror stories. And second, what do you mean you have never gone on the top slides!!! You would dare all of us to go when we were little, you little stinker!

Kayla R. said...

woo hoo sounds like fun! Happy Memorial DAY!!

KaSs said...

You totally forgot the Miles family camping trip this summer... I'll be 6 months pregnant, but I'm still going, so you should too!! They're going to a water park in Idaho.

Cindy said...

Nothing like being with the one you love.

love Mom

elizabeth said...

Sounds fun!!!
I can totally picture you freakin out at the top of the 7 peaks slides :)!!
Let's take Avery to the zoo-she would love it!

Brandt said...

Chris (& Ashley), hey - it's good to see you two married! It sounds like you two have your summer well mapped out. I'm glad I found your blog, because somehow I lost contact with Chris - tell him hello from me!

Brandt (& Ciera)