Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shall I or Shant I

I need your opinions Chris said one day "You would look so beautiful with short hair" which really got me to thinking...hmmmmm maybe i will cut my hair. If anyone saw American Idol when Syesha got voted off thats what we are going for if you didn't see it here are some pics to give you the right idea. Let me know what you think PLEASE!!!


KaSs said...

I've always really really loved your long blonde hair, but i understand the need for change. i've been trying to grow my hair out for 8 years, but always end up cutting it just for a change.

Dana Dastrup said...

Ash I love your long hair!! Are you kidding me?? People would LOVE to have your perfect long blond hair!! It is beautiful!! I say keep it long!!

Roo said...

Hi Ash, It's been forever. It's fun to see what you and Chris are up to. I love that you ride bikes everywhere, that is awesome. If you are thinking of a cut that is a really cute one. It would look darling on you. Keep in touch. Devri

KaSs said...

I haven't been able to get the Ricks blog to work lately. The address is You could ask Kristi what's up with the site and for your username and password.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

You look beautiful no matter what you do with your hair. I'm thinking about chopping mine soon. Maybe you should do it first so I'll know what my face looks like. We've always been told we look like twins. ha ha.

elizabeth said...


just picture avery singing her version of the abcs and typing that

,m. nkkkkkkkkkkjuyvrfdsdjl/2222

I love your hair long and i think you would look cute with shorter hair too. :)

Tiffany and Clay said...

I love it long, but i've been debating on chopping mine too... it's just fun to change it up!!! I would say keep it long, but heck if your hubby says he's up for it. Maybe give it a shot it'll always grow back :) oh and on your mission comment, Ya it's always a little awkward, but i just lay low and let him do all the talking. But it's fun to see who he served with because I've heard so many of their names that it's fun to put a face with the name!!
About the bike thing! i love that you guys are doing that I need to convince Clay to ride with me! I need to start replacing my short trips in the car with my bike. What kind of bike did you buy??? I can't see it too well in the pic