Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris..OH WAIT your birthday is not until August

Back in April Best Buy was having a great deal on lap tops so I picked one up FOR CHRIS'S BIRTHDAY which I ended up giving him that weekend. So I had to get thinking what else I could get him I ended up buying Chris a sleek suite FOR HIS BIRTHDAY I couldn't wait to see it on him so I gave it to him that day. So I went on E-Bay and bought him some Jordan shorts to give him FOR HIS BIRTHDAY one by one I got them in the mail and just couldn't wait to give them to him. So I made him open . He tried to resist but I was very persuasive. When it comes to me and presents I just can't wait to open them or see people open them. So now I have to get thinking and come up with something else to give him for his birthday which isn't until August 12.
Here is his first North Carolina blue pair
He is so cute and put them right on.

Than he opened his second white shimmer pair and put those right on.

Here is my baby

I love you honey!!


KaSs said...

You're so funny! :0) i'm thinking you should wait until that week to get him something if you want him to get it on the right day. :0) I'm the same way, i gave Jerome his father's day present like a week and a half ago!

Kayla R. said...

you are adorable!!! that is so cute:) Jan just booked everything for Disney!!! I can't wait!! Maybe when Chris doesnt have practice you can plan a cute annniversary/birthday/just cause you want to..he he he get away!!!

Lindsey S. said...

You are so funny! I probably wouldn't have been able to wait either! You are a doll!

Brooke said...

Yeah! We do the same thing, mostly me!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

You are the cutest dream wife ever!!! I love you Ash!

Lindsay said...

I love it! You guys are soo cute! Trav and I are the same way. I gave him his fathers day gift the other day. I cant hold surprises :)

elizabeth said...

thats funny ash!! you scared me for a second and i thought i missed his birthday! :)