Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The always ElEcTrIc 4th of July

The 4th of July is defiantly one of my top 3 holidays
(1. Christmas 2. Halloween 3. fourth of July the list is subject to change)
I just love everything about the entire day. Here is what we did that day. We started out the day of course laying in bed eating breakfast. After 4 or 5 calls from family we finally got out of bed and rode our bikes down to the best spot for the parade.
My Mom always goes all out for holidays this one she gets the guys all a fourth of July shirt along with flags food and coolers packed to the rim.
Looks like Mom taught K.C. well even his glasses are patriotic.
Kit, Liz, Quincey and I It was so much fun to all be together.
After the Parade we rode our bikes up to a 3 on 3 soccer tournament which Matt our bro was playing in.
This was Matt after playing one of his soccer games. I don't think he has played soccer in a while He was pretty beat we had to lay him down pour ice on him and bring him gatoraide and Popsicles but he tore it up on the green. We had a big picnic and played around until it was time for the stadium of fire. OOOOHHHHHYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH

Here we are at the stadium
It's time to get in costume hahahahaha this day was so much fun.
Rock it till you drop! Mylie may have upstaged us...I don't know though it's still debatable

The Smith's, Mom, Jonathan, K.C. and Allison all joined us on the grass. We had a blast Camille and I rocking to G.N.O and me burning the grass with my moves to "see you again" yeah I won't hide it I AM A HUGE MYLIE CYRUS FAN HUGE!!!

Happy late 4th of July. I love this state I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!! USA is the only way!


KaSs said...

Your costumes are freakin' sweet! :0)

Sarah said...

Youre hillarious, looks like a fun fourth of july and i dont know any one who can get away with wearing biker shorts, you look great.

camille said...

That was a blast.
Being all together at the parade just like when we were little was the best part.
Then the stadium of fire was a blast dancing to Mile and forgetting that I was 8 months pregnant.
love ya

Dana Dastrup said...

Every 4th of July I ALWAYS think about you Ashley!! Probably because we spent quite a number of them together!! Looks likeyou had a blast!