Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Cancun :)

Me and my glitter toes. If you haven't tried the glitter nail polish gel at your nearest nail salon you're missing out. The gel made it perfectly through the beautiful Caribbean beach with all it's sand, rocks and sea weed and is still going strong today they last and last and last.
We still are not exactly sure what kinds of fruit we were eating. Some tasted like tootsie pops that pink one tasted like a huge pink Kiwi and the orange one nasty

On the Lagoon in Cancun in the speedboat

On the reef after we swam with the fishes we had so much fun. Holding hands underneath the world. A moment we won't forget.

Me behind the wheel OH YEAH!! This Lagoon is also where the Crocs are and yes by Crocs I mean Crocodiles


KaSs said...

FUN! :0) Hope we see you Sunday!! It's been forever!

LindseyK said...

That looks like so much fun...your pictures are so cute! I finally got done posting our takes forever! We need to do a road trip down there, we can just stay with my parents, we should do it before basketball starts up!

Ashley &Chris Miles said...

We are defiantly in!!! Just let us know when and where.

camille said...

So cute!
Little Matthew has to mimic when ever theres a picture of you guys kissing he gives me a smooch. Love it