Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chris is so CUTE!!

Chris woke up early for my first day or school made me breakfast and a lunch he also decided to document my morning he knew how much I wanted to go to school so when the time finally came he was more excited than I was.

These are scones that we made I made the heart for Chris and He made me the "A" Although I ended up eating the heart and no one ate the nasty "A" but boy were they delicious Chris even made some honey butter. Chris for sure had to have remembered me telling him about all those years when my mom would line us up to take a gazillion pictures in our sweet new outfits and pretty hair on our first day of school. MOM YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Chris honestly set up this shot and asked me to wave. hahahaha my family is rubbing off on him

This is our sweet scooter that I ride practically everyday. Nope mom, Elizabeth and Camille. I still don't have a helmet yet I know it's so idiotic. I will get one soon promise.


elizabeth said...

Chris is sweet!
You look adorable on your first day! Exept you needed to pose outside by a tree like we always used to! :)

PS what the heck!! no more scooter til you get a helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miles said...

I love scones. You look good on your first day of school. Thats awesome that you are back in school and enjoying it. Talk to you soon!!

Lindsay said...

Cute pictures ash! And those scones look yum... Hope you had a good first day of school. I also love your scooter! What brand is it?

Kat Clark said...

I love the "birds-eye-view" on all of the shots. Boy is he tall! ;) You look great!

KaSs said...

Jerome and i still can't wait to see you both ride that scooter at the same time. :0)