Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playing catch UP (Downetta)

A month ago or so Chris and I drove down to Idaho for a family reunion. It was a blast especially driving with Chris for 4 or so hours. We love talking and driving is a place that makes that possible.

This is a friend we met near our campground. I was really scared to feed her at first really scared...
but after a while she grew on me as you can see

The first tent Chris and I set up together. Oh yeah look at that beauty.

Tin Foil din dins...camping sure does make us extra hungry
Of course we had to go on a bike ride together we rode on this mountain OH IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL bright blue skys and endless wheat fields. We had so much fun.
We also floated down what they call Lava Hot Springs I don't know why they call it that because this river was anything but hot. Chris and I were on a 4 man tube hahahah it was cold and scary Chris thought it was hilarious but I beg to differ.
On our ride home! This was probably my favorite part of the weekend sitting, laughing, talking and singing yea thats right we sing.

MY FAVORITE BOOK MASTER and of course a candy stick mmmmm cotton candy flavor.
And here is Chris eating a ginormous terd AKA: Tootsie Roll
Stay tuned for more of my game catch up


KaSs said...

You guys are cute. I really like your hoodie in those first couple pictures! cute. I hope we go there again, i had so much fun.

elizabeth said...

looks like you had a blast!
you guys are cute! i miss those carefree days with just coll & me!!

love ya