Friday, September 5, 2008


It's been a life changing crazy two weeks for us. I will just post about a few of the events today in.
First of all MY SISTER HAD A BABY!!
Everyone please welcome LILA CAMILLE SMITH into the world.
I don't know how my sisters look so incredible before, during and after giving birth all i have to say is I have seen enough births for one year.
We got to babysit little Matthew for a whole day and night it was so much fun to spend so much time with him. It was his first time sleeping away from his parents and he was such a trooper. We miss you Matthew already. Here are some pics of the baby.

Along with saying hello to a beautiful angel Lila we said goodbye to two GREAT men!!
Matthew Sr my bro in law said goodbye to his dad Monday early morning. To sum him up in a few words he is a BRILLIANT SPIRITUAL GIANT who raised some of the most impressive people I have ever met. He was a professor at BYU, and a fighter who battled cancer for SO LONG all the while loving his wife kids and grandkids. This picture is how I always will remember him -light in his eyes and a kind smile on his face.To read more about Craig C. Smith please click here


KaSs said...

That is an intense few days!! Camille looks amazing! Congratulations to her and Matt!!!

Kit said...

What a bittersweet time for Camille and Matt.

Lila is beautiful and you are right, Camille does look model fresh and how did she do that? They must have been exhausted after the last few weeks of being with Matt's Dad every possible minute.
My love goes out to their entire family...

elizabeth said...

camille and matt are so strong!
lila is an angel-so precious!

love ya sis!

Kayla R. said...

Bitter Sweet:( :) What a beautiful pic Lila is so cute*!