Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The team website

*this is the dancing lady

The team has a website I know it's in Czech but I thought some of you might like to see what his teammates, coachs and their girlfriends look like. Here are a few of the links
Here are some pictures of a team dinner we had so it's got all the players girlfriends Chris is the only one married. The little one at the top of the screen is the best one of everyone.
Here are some that they took during practice.
And lastly here is one just of Chris it has contacts a link to his highlight video if anyone is interested to watch that.

Hope all is well...we are finally getting unpacked than I will post some pictures of our apartment. We have been to Prauge twice now but we didn't really take very many pictures we just wanted to soak it all up and enjoy it without the camera.

We found our branch on Sunday...we got so So SO lost we had the Elders come find us and show us the way so after sacrament we waited for them at the *Dancing Lady and followed them over. The building houses the chaple, mission office and mission home. During sacrament we have translators then for sunday school, RS, and priesthood there are enough english speakers to banch off into our own classes there are maybe 1 english speaker to every 10 or more czech most the missionaries go to the Prague branch so thats fun. There is one Elderly couple named the Fosters they are wonderful and have really made us feel welcome. They were definitly an answer to my prayer.

We are headed to IKEA today (yes there is an ikea thank goodness) to puchase a rug for Taimi to play and begin to crawl on (she hates the hardwood floors) and a highchair and most likely a bunch of other things.

Love you all!!

Those who don't have a Skype account please get one and let us know so we can talk to you all!!!


KaSs MiLeS said...

211 cm? that must take some getting used to!
those sites are really cool. definitely different than a utah team!
i was thinking about you guys sunday, wondering how it went, that's so nice that they have english classes.
glad you're doing well! Story was carrying around a picture of taimi yesterday. i think she is wondering what happened to her! :)

Jonathan and Kiri said...

That's awesome you have translators for Sacrament - and just the COOLEST that you have an English Sunday School and Relief Society. What a gift! I'm so happy to see you guys getting all settled into the team and city. I want to talk to you about details, especially things I'm thinking/wondering :) is Skype the only way?

Are you guys getting European phones? I hope so! The plan is I'm coming in a week and a half...then we'll be able to start planning our visiting-each other-trips! Your families in our prayers! Love you ash!

Collin, Liz, Avery, and Quincey said...

What a fun adventure! Keep posting pics and stories.