Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Day Away...

Chris has been very busy since the second we landed with practice he is still doing 2-a-days.
This week they gave him the evening off and we definitely took advantage and tried to do some sight seeing and especially spend some time together.
This is where we LOVE to eat Tyna's we eat here 2-3 times a week for lunch
Since he is on their professional team we get a big discount : )
Here is an gelato stand that is in "the square" it's so inexpensive for two cones it's a little over a dollar which gets me into to trouble I eat two or three cones at one time.
Us hanging our in the square our favorite place in town
Than we headed to Prague to spend the rest of the day

Here is where we attend church in downtown aka the Centrum of Prague.
This is the view just a block or so away from where we go to this picture you can see the famous Charles Bridge (we have yet to stroll across it but will soon)

this is the Prague Castle the most famous of all the castles in Prague (and there are SOOO many)
the tours were closed when we arrived so we are not sure why it's so famous but one thing for sure is that it's the biggest most spectacular thing that I have ever seen.


The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

What a fun place! And what a fun adventure you and your family are having:) I wish you guys the best! And keep the posts comin'. It is fun to see what you are up to these days!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh site-seeing?! What a blast! I'm so happy you guys had an evening together to stroll down town. What a beautiful castle! I am thrilled to hear they have so many. I guess they wouldn't mind if we took one or two off their hands and made ourselves comfy cozy for a while. I mean it makes sense right - princesses need castles right? Right.

Daryl and McCall said...

you make me miss europe! it's so stickin amazing out there and it's such a wonderful opportunity to LIVE there. I'm glad you're really taking advantage of it. You guys are missed!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Geez Ash. Your life is so amazing right now!!! I'm so glad you're posting so we can live through your incredible life! Love you!