Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friends family and 40,000 human bones

This is Sister Foster from the first day I met her she has been an answer to my prayers in more ways that 20.
We took the subway on Sunday and Taimi fell asleep in Chris's arms...He loves love loves it when she falls asleep on him
My little nutty buddy I don't know what I would do with out her here with me. She is my best friend and travel buddy when Daddy is away.
She had so much fun on this train. When she gets excited to jerks around so I had to walk with her and make sure she stayed on.
Suprisingly Chris actually has a lot of down time(for now) for us to go enjoy our new home
The other day we enjoyed a movie (inception) which was amazing and some good ol american felt so good. All the movies are in english which is SO nice
Okay so way back in like the 1300 or something this important man brought home earth from Golgotha and spread it around the courtyard of this church. In return EVERYONE wanted to be burried there...Seriously EVERYONE there are over 30,000 people burried here.
This tomb reminded me of the scariest movie ever Micheal Jackson's THRILLER!!
Somehow this church hand thier hands on 40,000 peoples bones I think it had something to do with a Nazi concentration camp. There are a few of them around here. This man had no idea what to do with all these bones so he decided to respectfully decorate the church with them.
Everything you see is a human was actually really neat
A pile of skulls and bones

Here you can pay money to purchase a candle to remember the dead.
And that is what we did yesterday!


gwilly said...

Thanks for keeping your blog updated....I enjoy keeping up with you and Chris. Hope life is treating you guys good overseas!

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Wow that is crazy with all of those bones and graves! That looks like a creepy museum:) but was cool to see i'm sure... Love ya

Jonathan and Kiri said...

What a cool church/cemetery! Look at all those bones - WOW! and how AWESOME you say a movie...with ENGLISH!!!!!!! Looks like you guys are doing great. Hope the 'friendly games' phase goes quickly and Chris can be back with you again soon :)

Pink Peach said...

you live where?! ok, i'm going to read this blog to get caught up. is chris playing ball? so awesome.

Sarah and Desmond said...

So awesome, you guys are having such incredible ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunities.

Kyle said...

Holy crap that's awesome.

They have a few mausoleums like that in Italy, too, but nothing to that scale.

Soooo cool.

Also, this is Kassie's sister Kelli's husband, Kyle. Just so it's not as random and creepy that I commented.

Anonymous said...

The church has nothing to do with Nazi concentration camps. It was started in 1511. I can't believe people like you can travel the world to exotic places like this and not know what the fuck you are looking at.

P.S. Your babies names are retarded.