Friday, October 29, 2010

Are we in a horror movie?

I realized I never posted about the time we visited the ER.(dun dun dun)
It was a brisk September evening around 9:00pm Taimi had a temperature of 103.8 so we called the assistant coach and he accompanied us to the ER or otherwords after hours baby doctor. Folks you wouldn't believe this place it looked JUST like something out of a horror movie. The lights were low some were flickering is smelt a little like urine, all their tools, scales, uniforms looked like they were from the early 1900. They don't even have one of those instruments that the dr. uses to look into the babies ear. The elevator only could fit 3 people and there was NO door to the elevator. There was some lady walking around with no pants or underwear on. We took pictures just incase no one believed us. They also sent us home with a little plastic baggy asking us to get a urine sample. Seriously a urine sample from a one year old seems very unlikely and difficult.
Anyway after an hour or so of not understanding one word or even whats going on. I would have appreciate a thumbs up or smile or an attemped to tell the worried mother her baby is going to be ok. BUT NO ONE DID!! It was a disaster. So than the next morning Philip tells us we have to go to a REAL baby doctor which makes me wonder who did we see lastnight and what it all was for (things that make you go hmmmmm).
We went to the "real" baby dr. however they didn't weight her or take her vitals, temp or anything they just had me undress her...she would cry...they jabbed a popsicle stick down her throat and drew her blood. After a lot conversation about our little girl that we couldn't understand they sent us to an ear specialist. (because remember they dont have those ear checky devises)
2 hours later they checked her ears with a lamp and a tiny metal funnel and we were on our way...still not clearly knowing what was going on. They gave us some more syrup this time it was motrin (sigh) finally something familiar.
After LONG heartfelt prayers and a blessing we knew she would recover. I think next time we will head on into Prague to see the Dr. where they speak English and hopefully where their medicine is up to least from this century. I am just glad its all behind us now.
shout out and thanks to Philip for spending hours and hours trying to figure out why Taimi was so sick.



Daryl and McCall said...

oh my gosh! i would have flipped out

Blonde Bookworm! said...

Hey there! I have been following your blog for awhile and have enjoyed it so much! I saw this latest post and thought I would just send this info your way,, its a terrific company I just happen to work for and figured it might be something to look into. I'm sure the team already has a membership somewhere but it may be worth a look anyways! Its basically medical/security evacuation in case anything happens while traveling. For a very small fee they ensure that if something happens they will make sure you find the best medical facility in the area (no matter how remote it is) and if thats not good enough they will come in and finance any and all air transport to a better facility no matter how far it is. Its truly amazing and sooo worth it =) So jealous of all your travels!!

Ninotschka said...

so sorry to hear about your experience... i hope everything is all right. it's such a shame that some things such as medicine sould be a flagship of the country, because honestly, who cares if the museums are nice or the food is great, when you get scared just by visiting a hospital?

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

We were spoiled living in Utah i swear! Hawaii has the worst medical buildings/customer care too! I kid you not, chickens roam wild in my family doctors waiting area. No joke.