Saturday, October 30, 2010

A new me

We went and saw Eat Pray Love lastnight. I couldnt help but relate to the movie on more levels than one. I realized how totally and completely unbalanced my life is and decided to set goals while meditating. It was my first time meditating and I must say while it was completely difficult I really enjoyed it. I learned multiple things while clearing my head and relaxing.
Lesson 1: I really need to work on my posture my back was killing me at the end of my 20 min meditation session.

Lesson 2: After trying a few positions on top of my coffee table situation on a pillow next to the heater looking out the window that the position above truly is the most comfortable.

Lesson 3: I love to make goals but I have a hard time keeping them. So I decided to make 4 goals and take them VERY serious.

I made a goal for different aspects of my life that I feel I need to work on Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and of course Social.

Goal 1: Read my scritpures ALONE while also with Taimi and Chris daily.
Goal 2: Run EVERY MORNING!!! I talk myself out of it some days
Goal 3. Meditate and write in my journal in the park on my favorite bench by the water after my run for 10-20 minutes.
Goal 4: Reconnect with my friends. I miss my friends I missed tons of special moments in my friends lives and I feel terrible I have been disconnected and totally out of the loop so I am going to try to get myself back in that loop.

Also this is totally off topic but some great news. For the first time in our married life Chris has a schedule. From Nov-Jan I know what time everyday he has practice and I also know how long practice is going to be and when he will be home. He will only be gone an hour and a half everyday Mon-Fri. What a dream job. That gives me just enough time to get dinner on the table.

Wish me luck on my new journey to find more balance in my life!! I will let you all know how it goes!


Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

Chris only has 1 practice a day M-F!!!!?? Oh my goodness I would do anything for that! Ryan has practice twice almost every single day and each practice is at least 3 hours. Days that they have 1 practice it's 4 hours because of film. Along with they travel A TON! Lucky Lucky! ENJOY!

Mitzi said...

I think finding balance in our lives is one of the hardest things as a mother. I think the biggest obstacle is making sure that we don't associate any guilt with taking time for ourselves. We have so many other responsibilities and obligations, espcially to our husbands and children that we forget that we need to grow too, and when we make that realization, we're never sure how to do it without compromising the promises we've made to our families. I'm so glad you found a way to focus on yourself just a little. Right now, that outlet for me is school. It's anything but peaceful, but it is for ME.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

sounds wonderful. I need to do some of that myself. Thanks for the motivation!!