Friday, October 8, 2010


Ok ok so I am a little behind on my 30 day get to know you activity.

Day five is one of my Favorite quotes.

My favorite quote comes from a church Hymn "I Believe in Christ" # 134 in our hymn book,

"I believe in Christ; so come what may..."

I could quote the whole song it's so amazing but that line is my life motto I reflect on that short but truthfully powerful little statement during moments in my life when I am overwhelmed, frightened, sad, upset, when I disagree with whats "happening" to me and I always find solace and comfort. It rings true to my life OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN " I believe in Christ!! So come what may" or in other words "so bring it on!!!!"


Jonathan and Kiri said...

oh, i just love this one too. What a great post ash! I love that you're doing this 30 day get to know you - it's fun to find out more about you!!

PS Make-up for Disney Villians?!!! AWESOME!

camille said...

Love it!
I laughed out loud when you said "Bring it on".
Can I steal that quote and make it my favorite?!
I love you I am trying to stay awake to wish you a happy birthday!