Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney Venomous Villains

I am bursting with excitment for the new MAC Venomous Villains LINE
I couldn't be more excited about M.A.C.'s new Venemous Villains line. Good thing there is a big M.A.C. store in prague and my birthday is coming up :) YIPEE!!!!
Now it's just deciding what Villain is my favorite and which products I want. Seriously check out the line is amazing!

The entire line consists of 40 different shades
Evil Queen and Cruella mostly consist of red and peach color
Malificent colors are purples and blacks
and Dr. Facilier consists of "magically cool liquid poweders"

The line include the Evil Queen from "Snow White"
Melivicent from "Sleeping Beauty" (I think she is the most greatest Villain)
Cruella de Ville from "101 Dalmations"
and Dr. Facilier from "Princess and the Frog"


elizabeth kartchner said...

how fun! i can see you so excited about this! :)

we would need Cruella de Ville since the girls love the dalmatians lately...


Melanie said...

maleficent has always been my favorite! :) I'm excited to go to nordstrom and look at these!

Cummards said...

CUTE blog!!!! So fun, I just read forever I feel like. You guys are so cute, and have fun best pictures!

Our blog is private, so message me your email and I"ll add you. its not exciting at all. I"m horrible at updating, so when I do..its just a whole bunch of random stuff. And I am so slow with computers I have no idea how to format anything..just a warning! haha.

Yeah for another blog to look at!