Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taimi turns ONE (1)

Given how we threw Taimi girl a huge 1st birthday party before we left we didn't go to crazy this time. We just did all her favorite things.

We made her pancakes with whip cream. Than we had to take her to the Dr. for a check up cause she was incredibly sick the week before.

Than we went and visited the dogs in our neighborhood and to feed the ducks. She loves animals.

After that we went to the toy store and got her some toys to open.
Than we had Brad Chris's teammate over for dinner and cake.
She is scared of Brad and the flame from her candle so she didn't like being sung to...she had a few licks of frosting than she wanted to go to bed.

So we read her favorite book...Chris and I have this book memorized now it's a classic. And she went to bed...Love you Taimi girl!! Hope you had a great 2nd 1st birthday party :)


erin 'n phil said...

Yea!! Happy Birthday Taimi!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

I cannot believe you have a ONE YEAR OLD!! When did that happen?! She looks so adorable and like always, so happy.

That's an amazing book! That's the one book Jonathan had me bring him from home when I came. There are such wonderful life lessons in those Suessy words :)

PS Are things turning colder your way?? Brrr. It's getting chilly over here.