Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Chris and I were asked to speak in church a few weeks ago. Our topic was lessons we learned from General Conference thank goodness for the General Conference highlight video that helped me tons to prepare. Anyway the BRANCH has about 400 members 200 or so are active and everyweek their are usually about 10-15 members that are just visiting from all over the world for work, seminars, or pleasure. The building houses church, mission office and the mission home so needless to say it's VERY crowded. They have an overflow room which is usually packed also. We are still a branch because you need a stake to become a ward and the other 2 branches are very small.
When we were asked to speak in church immediatly chris and I were alittle nervous because up on the pulpit we will be joined with a translator. We will say about 5 words stop and than they will be translated and the process continues. When I speak to a Czech person I use only simple words, I speak SLOWLY, and unnunciate every single letter. Sometimes I get stuck in this process. I catch myself speaking to my english speaking friends and even Chris in this manner. Which cracks me up.
So I started my talk off by introducing my little family unfortunatly I was speaking in said manner. One thing I said was "We come from a place called Utah" like I was talking to aliens my translator who is my friend marketa just gave me a look like "why are you talking like that" and we both started to laugh.
It was a marvelous experience I always enjoy making a fool of myself :)


KaSs MiLeS said...

you are so brave. i think i might have died.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

hahaha that's so funny! That's so awesome you were able to speak in church. I know you two did a WONDERFUL job - you both have such amazing testimonies. I have no doubt everyone was grateful for what you shared! Even if it started a little funny :)

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Ha that is funny! I'm sure you guys did great. That would have been very hard though, and scary!!