Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora now holds a piece of my heart for I truly love you.
We take a 15 minute drive and arrive to our neighboring charming town Kutna Hora. It's breathtakingly beautiful I love going there even if it's just to drive around.

With the vineyards, smokestacks, little houses, churches, statues and cathedrals it truly has it all.
Kutna Hora is also a tourist hot spot like Prague.

I love that we don't have to hop on a train and go hundreds of miles to find a place to marvel at we just go 15 minutes and there we have it.

**Please keep the skin care comments coming I am LOVING them all.
***Also I will be an Auntie to another beautiful girl any day now. Good Luck Liz Wish I Was There!!


KaSs MiLeS said...

i'm so glad you guys are coming home for christmas. i was really hoping that you would end up coming some how! it would be super weird without you guys there on christmas eve. PLUS story has been carrying around Taimi's picture saying "Taimi! Taimi!" I think she misses her.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Gosh what a beautiful town! I would love to see the cities over where you are. What a fun thing to do together too. I love the pictures! It's so fun to see the Miles Family that we love so much.

PS. Thanks for helping make our FHE just PERFECT for Jonathan :) haha You guys are the best!

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

I love checking out what guys are up to but I never comment (the bane of blogging, I know!) But since you asked about skincare, I just happen to be a new self proclaimed expert! :)

Is it dryness or acne that is bothering you? Before we moved over to Ukraine a month ago I got my little brother who had acne pretty bad the NuSkin clear skin system and it hasn't even been a month and my mom reported that his skin doesn't have a single blemish! A few of his friends got on it, too, because of his results and they are all blemish free, too! So you might want to check that out!