Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bringin it Back Baby

Lesley M.M. Blume from the Huffington Post did an article named 30 things that need to stage a comeback. I loved it so much so here is my top picks from her list that DEFINITELY need to stage a comeback starting NOW. Hats On Men: They look so polished and confident not to mention OH SO COOL!!
Libraries: Public ones and private ones. "Along with those lovely bookplates for the front covers, the ones that proclaim: This Book Belongs To..."

Dinner Cars on Trains. Now that riding a train could be a daily occurance it would be so much more pleasant and lovely if there were a dinner car that looked like this. How wonderful

Double Features: Chris and I went to an Alfred Hitchcock one once at BYU it was so affordable and fun. We loved it! They need to occur more often
DANCING: I am talking the kind of dancing where you are hand in hand cheek to cheek with the mans hand in the small of your back guiding you along the dance floor. What ever happened to dinner and dancing?

Glamoure the Golden Era of Hollywood kind of glamour...yummy! I love everything about this ERA especially the style, grace, and entertainment.

Manual Cameras: I have thousands of pictures on my hard drive. I remember what it was like waiting for the film to be developed and than seeing your pictures for the first time full of excitment.

Sunday Roasts: Sunday early evening meals surrounded by your family and friends and than after the meal going for a evening stroll together.
POSTURE: Seriously where has posture gone. When I meditate it's rediculous how tired and sore my back gets JUST from sitting up straight for 10 or so minutes sheesh!

Cross Country Road Trips the ones with unruly maps, mixed tapes, and kids and a dog in the back seat.

Record Players: "Preferably one in a leather case. There is something truly wonderful and evocative about a record popping on a old player."

HAND WRITTEN thank you notes, and letter writing too. No matter how well you know someone you will get to know them so much better when you spend time with them on paper.

DISCREET Voices: Oh how we dont realize how ofter we shreik into our cellphones in a public place as if everyone needs to know every detail of our lives.

MANNERS: "A conspicuously missing entity these days." At one point it was called manners for a man raise out of his seat when a lady enters and leaves a room. Placing the napkin on your lap during your meal while gently tapping your lips after every bit :) MANNERS definitely need to stage a comback.

**Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thank you for being my friend especially for all the advice and uplifting comments lately! Thank you thank you and thank you again.


Jonathan and Kiri said...

Can't we just go back to the '50s in just about everything?! I just love all these things. And I would add women wearing dresses, pearls, and little gloves to this as well.

LOVED this post - it was so fun to read! PS. I guarantee everyone that reads it will immediately sit up straight when they read the POSTURE part! I know I did...

Love you!

Taffers Dawn said...

Hey. So you don't know me but I went to high school with Chris back at Timpview. It's true, I'm a blog stalker, but I honestly love reading your blog! You kind of remind me of me sometimes. Is that creepy to say? haha But really, I enjoy reading your blog and always want to comment on it but then feel like a creep since I'm stalking it. But I just decided to respond.

I agree with the things our society has given up on. It's kindof sad. I think living in Europe emphasizes that. I lived in Germany so alot of the stuff you and your family are doing is very familiar to me. You seem like you are enjoying it and i am so glad because I didn't enjoy it as much as I could've.

Anyway, sorry to be a stalker, if you don't want me stalking you just email me. I wont be offended at all. Seriously.