Monday, December 13, 2010

Duck on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2010 in Kolin, Czech Republic is one not to be forgotten. Chris unfortunatly was gone for practice more than usual so I tended to Taimi and our feast without his help and encouragment...but mostly encourgament :)
Luckily one of our American Teammates Kate from Germany was in town and wanted to help with the cooking so she said she will take care of the bird and gravy it was quit the relief.
So I made my delicious HOMEMADE cream corn, stuffing, creamy mashy potatos, veggies, and of course the most moist cake in the universe my Pumpkin Bunt Cake drissled with HOMEMADE chocolate cinnamon sauce and powdered sugar.
I had to get creative like usually if there was an ingredient needed that you can't find here but all my substitutions worked out perfectly.
Taimi was eyeballin my cake all afternoon. Usually we eat between 2-4 but this year due to practice we ate at 8ish a late late dinner. So there is was the bunt cake taunting her all day long.
We went over to Terry's our friends to eat the dinner. There were other teammates suppose to come by cancelled last minute after we brought them plates of food and boy did they regret it.
Kate the girl in charge of the bird got a duck by accident instead of a turkey. Ducks are so greasy I couldn't believe it. It was totally like the feast at the end of The Christmas Story with the head and neck still on the body...yuck
Taimi's top three favorite things
3. My clothes! She tears ALL my clothes our of my dresser and drapes herself with them
2. My Diaper bag...or should we say her diaper bag
1. MY MAKEUP! She is constatntly finding where I hide my bag. I have a dozen pictures of her trying out my makeup and putting it on, here is one of them. That silly little girl! I have to say she is getting much better at it.


Taffers Dawn said...

That's funny about Taimi and getting into your clothes and stuff. She obviously loves her mom and wants to be just like you. That's so cute!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

You guys had DUCK?! hahaha that's so funny! All the rest sounds amazing though, yum - especially that dessert. Sheesh I wish I had your cooking skills! Let's just keep it a secret from Jonathan that there are MUCH better cooks out there k? haha

Taimi sure looks adorable with all that lipstick on her face, of course there will be no need for her to actually have her own make up until she's what...35? That sounds about right!