Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kolin's kick off to Christmas Celebration

Our little town is so perfect. EVERYONE seriously EVERYONE was walking into the square around 4:30 for music and to light the tree. (this was before we got blasted with snow)
We couldn't miss it. So we got all bundled up and walked toward the square.
Of course they had many tents where you could buy handmade crafts and traditional foods.
I love the handmade crafts they are so amazing. I wish I took a picture of some of my favorite tents.

This is our little square it's BY FAR my favorite place in Kolin

At night they had music, dancing, food, and beautiful lights.
These people seem to be grumpy all the time. It's nearly impossible to get a friendly hello with a smile. So it was really fun to see some of them excited for the tree and food.
These are our favorite it's dough they dip in sugar and cinnamon than they wrap around this stick and than roast it over a fire than they dip in again in sugar and cinnamon.

They kept our hands warm and were delicious.
After we walked home Chris made us all some hot chocolate and we watch Home Alone.
It was a fun night. I am so glad that Chris only has one practice early in the afternoon on Friday so we have the whole evening together.
**We are excied to come home in 2 weeks!! We can hardly believe it.
Thanks to all my new blog friends who are leaving comments it's great to meet you and thanks for taking an interest in our lives and for the advice and encouragement.

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Taffers Dawn said...

Christmas is the best time in Europe. I remember in Germany how everything was decorated and the Kristkindlemarkt was awesome! I'm so excited that ya'll get to experience this! You are such a cute family!