Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our European Winter Wonderland

Chris and I are lovers of the snow. We love everything about it from how crisp and fresh it makes the air, the fun winter activities that follow, the feelings and memories it brings, how romantic it is to watch it fall (and we have the most perfect windows for it) and the fun gear you get to wear. We just bought Chris some bright red and black bibs they are so awesome!

Chris woke me up EARLY in the morning to show me the beautiful white surprise that is awaiting through the window. It was breathtaking EVERYTHING was covered with snow flakes. I find the snow so peaceful, renewing and invigorating.
I couldn't wait to get outside to touch it taste it and play in it :)
(I know I sound like I am 7)
We all got up and got ready to go enjoy the snow. Chris didn't have practice that day until 8PM so we had the whole day.
First we walked to a local textile shop and got gloves and a snow suit for Taimi.
The square was pretty empty it was just us and the beautiful white that seemed to be endlessly falling so gracefully covering every little piece of town.
I think the town might be even more beautiful covered in God's white wonder.
I was so excited to get outside I opted to not take the time to put on makeup :)

My new hat and her new snowsuit she reminds me of Ralphie's little brother on The Christmas Story.
Chris hooked up her car seat and make a sweet sled we could pull around. I think Chris had the most fun I am sure she will love it more as she gets older.

Two days later since the first snow fall and it is still snowing. Today we had a white out for about 1 hour it was so exciting and cold. I am trying to cherish every snow flake.
I hope wherever we are we can take the time to find the beauty that surrounds us because it truly is ALL AROUND US.
Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me with the snow. Because no matter how cold and wet my feet may be I LOVE IT!!


KaSs MiLeS said...

Story REALLY liked the snow this year, she'd eat it and touch it and say, "snow! ice! snow!" but then she fell in it and doesn't like it so much.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Wow! It looks BEAUTIFUL over there! Our snow is so dinky compared to yours. What an amazing day as a family! I for sure laughed out loud when you said Taimi's snow suit reminded you of Ralphy's HAHAHA Now that is hilarious!

I'm so glad you got pictures of the carseat/sled, that's so funny! I'm so happy you guys took the time to enjoy the snow together. What a great idea! I love your childlike wonder for the world. You've inspired me to appreciate the little things more :)

Daryl and McCall said...

it looks beautiful! how long until you come home to visit?!!!

Taffers Dawn said...

I absolutely love Europe covered in snow. It's like the air is so crisp and everything is quiet and peaceful. I even thing it smells good during winter.

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Such pretty snow! Looks like a fun day! I love Taimi snow suit, she does look like ralphy, but a much cuter version!