Friday, January 7, 2011

3 Year Anniversary

EVERY single year our anniversary falls on a basketball game or during a basketball tournament except for this year! We had THE WHOLE ENTIRE DAY AND NIGHT ALONE TOGETHER for the first time.
December 22, 2010 was a day that will never be forgotten. It started on a drive up to Sundance BLASTING our favorite songs. Taimi was at Grandma's so we totally could do that.
Chris hadn't been skiing for 15 years (due to basketball) I guess you cant ski and play basketball it's to dangerous. And I haven't been for about 10 years for no good reason. So we were a little nervous but incredibly thrilled.
I am going to be honest here Chris was most definitely not as good or graceful as I was :)
For me it was like riding a bike for him wasn't. He claims his skiis were just so big lol I dont think so honey you are 6'11 they are suppose to be big.
Lets just say I hadn't laughed this hard in YEARS it was the best funniest day ever.

We ate up at Bear Claw lodge it was beautiful. It was an incredibly huge blizzard at the back mountain it was snowing and very foggy which I loved it's where I wanted to spend the entire day but Chris was a little scared back there so we only did about 7 runs and went back to the front.

He never looked so perfect and adorable as he did on these skiis I loved it!

I always loved going off the main run into the trees but Chris didn't want to all day until the end I was following him and up he went onto a little tree trail. The lifts were already closed so we spend spent another hour or so stuck on this trail. Chris barried both skis deep in the snow so we had to dig him out. Than we had a snow ball fight and wrestled. Chris white washed me (picture above) it was so funny.

in thigh deep snow. It was amazing so wonderful. We had the best day ever!!! After we raced home to see Taimi girl. I hadn't been away from her for that long ever!! Than my Mom watched her a little longer so we could go out at night.
Thanks to Grandmas we had a great anniversary we were so fortunate to have the whole day together.

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