Friday, January 7, 2011

Prague Christmas Market (picture overload)

The Christmas Market in the day time

Of course Old Town Square is surrounded by the Pishest of Posh places they decorate them so beautiful
I love the gingerbread house looking huts where the locals sell all HAND MADE stuff.
I wish I bought more handmade things but unfortunately we didn't

We all bought some pretty radical snow gear to wear around town cause it gets colder than you could possibly imagine.

This little shop makes the yummiest homemade candies. They make them right in front of you. Dont worry we bought 20 Euros worth of it before we came home for Christmas.
They have all these polar bears walking around the little town during the day...they are so cute.


It's so incredibly romantic and magical at night. I wish these picture could capture how remarkable the market is.

The lights look more magnificent. The sugar is sweeter. The hot chocolate is creamier. The snow is whiter. Everything here is just more beautiful than anywhere else.

They dont plow so the snow just piles up up and up. The snow is more like sand because everyone is trotting around on it. And pushing the stroller through sand is pretty challenging but totally worth the effort.

I love this picture of Chris. Man I love him. I LOVE HIM!!!!!

You wouldn't believe this Christmas tree it has something like 500 thousand lights on it. It took our breath away the first time we saw it.

The trains are always an adventure. I tried to fog up the window so I could write I love you on the in Harry Potter. But it wouldn't fog up :(
This little one is a party and loves the train so much.


Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh I love love LOVE these pictures! I've been checking for an update e.v.e.r.y d.a.y. since the last post! It's seriously beautiful there! wow! I can't believe how amazing those lights and buildings are, and I KNOW they don't capture even half of the real ambiance! Ash, I'm so glad you guys got to see this beauty! What a way to feel the spirit of Christmas. I'm telling you Italy was totally lacking compared to the amazing atmosphere of Prague!

Miss you! Jump on Skype soon so we can chat.

Love you!

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I love the polar bears. I want to fly there just to see them.

nicole said...

These are lovely pictures. So pretty